Wilshire Transportation Inc WILSHIRE TRANSPORTATION

                                          WILSHIRE TRANSPORTATION                                                                                    
  A CERTIFIED LIMOUSINE COMPANY IN LOS ANGELES                             Toll Free: (800) 991-0478

Welcome to Wilshire Transportation, Inc; a certified Limousine Company in Los Angeles since 1997.

We have proudly been voted #1 and trusted by the industry standard.  We offer personalized attention to the leisure and business traveler where we do our best to tend to your needs.  We proudly declare our experience of 18 years in transportation business with personal and corporate clientele is what you definitely would depend on. 

We work with a large variety of airlines, hotels, travel agents, concierge service and car rental companies nationwide and internationally to provide you with unique and best service way better than our competitions.

We specialize in travel with excellence.. 

Call us now at (800) 991-0478 to begin your travel plans today!
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